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Welcome to Rweb Modules

This is the main Rweb module page. The Rweb modules are a set of point and click interfaces to the statistical programming language R. There are several built in datasets which are briefly described below. Following the dataset descriptions are two drop down menus. One allows you to choose the type of analysis you want and, with the other menu, you can choose the data set you want to use. You may use any of the built in data sets, a Web accessable data set (you need to supply the URL), or you may enter your own data. The options for using your own data are at the bottom of the dataset menu and the text areas for entering a URL or data follow the drop down menus. Once you have chosen an analysis and dataset click the submit button to build the analysis page.

Data Set Descriptions

Choose Analysis and Data Set

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Options For External Data Entry

Remote Dataset URL:

Select a local file to submit:

Type in Your Own Data: Enter user supplied data in the following text area. The first line must contain the variable names and then each observation should be entered as a single row. You may seperate entries with spaces or tabs. Use "NA" for missing values.

Site  Oxygen Nitrogen InsectCount
 A      3.2    0.12     High
 A      1.4    0.22     Low
 B       NA    0.55     Medium